Client Development

“Our Client Development Manager is very attentive to our needs and professional in the implementation of solutions. What I appreciate about the service the Client Development Team provides is their insight into my Consumer Direct business and their foresight to help our business grow. Their use of planning tools, creative assistance in executing timely campaigns, and strategic evaluation of our annual plan, keeps our team on track and on goal. What we have is more of a partnership, than a relationship, and this partnership has helped us to achieve record growth in a very, very short period of time.”
Inertia Client since 2006

Client Services & Support

"Support at Inertia has been and still is the best I have ever worked with; they always have an answer to every question I have asked."
Dean M Gruenburg 
Prince Michel Winery
Inertia Client since 2006

"Makes my job much easier. We are a small family owned winery, so we need all the help we can get and Inertia Beverage Group provides that."
Inertia Client since 2005

Ecommerce Management Tool 

“I have recommended Inertia to a couple of people who are as green as I am about ecommerce. I tell them that I could not have done this without the handholding (at first), calendaring, metrics (which I didn't even know what it meant), goosing (technical term) and a truly helpful tech support team that Inertia offers. Oh yeah--and the thing really works. I gush so much they probably think I'm getting a kickback. You guys rock!”
Inertia Client since 2004

“The only e-commerce tool I found proven to help me sell more wine. The [Client Development team] worked feverishly to build my online business and leveraged their marketing partner relationships to increase my revenues. I am ecstatic with the results.”
Inertia Client since 2006

“Having the ability to change and update our own site has been a major boost to keeping the website fresh thereby enhancing the site experience and boosting our online sales.”
Inertia Client since 2006

Wine Club Management Tool

“I spent the better portion of 2 ½ years working for a fortune 500 wine corporation that utilized custom-developed software to manage their Wine Club and CRM operations. When I joined Lancaster Estate, I searched for alternative solutions that benchmarked upon best practices within the industry and my prior experience in database management, and no one came close to Inertia’s software. It is flexible, dynamic, and robust, and has streamlined our efficiency, allowing us to focus on what really matters – our most valued customers.”
Inertia Client since 2006

"I really think the club tool is wonderful. I find it so easy to use that I have considered adding more clubs to my program because Inertia makes them so easy to run."
Inertia Client since 2005

Allocation Program Management Tool

“The implementation and use of the allocation tool as been great. Making the transition from one system to another can cause some anxious moments, but the team at Inertia was very proactive with the transition. Not only were they able to help us integrate our previous systems and data, but they were also able to make recommendations to improve the communication and overall experience with our customers. We have been very pleased with our experience and I would recommend using Inertia and the allocation tool to any winery, regardless of size.”
Inertia Client since 2004

"The allocation tool…allowed me to focus on the more important aspects of my one-man show; interacting with customers, focusing on my overall business, and most importantly, winemaking. I was in Hawaii promoting my wine when we launched the allocation system. I sent out the initial offer, and watched 50K in orders come in; all from a hotel room with a view of the Maui beach." 
Inertia Client since 2005