Inertia Beverage Group Appoints New CFO - Inertia Beverage Group announced today the appointment of Paul Roberti as Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer. A 20+ year finance veteran with public and private high growth technology companies, Roberti joins Inertia immediately and will lead the company's financial, human resources, legal and risk management functions. - 1/08/09

Out of State Wine Retailers Face Threat - Napa-based Inertia, which has developed a system for automating order handling and regulatory compliance through the three-tier system, now is more actively promoting its program for direct-to-trade shipping, commonly called self-distribution, to a dozen U.S. markets with seven pending, according to Kristi Taaffe, vice president of marketing.
North Bay Business Journal - 7/28/08 Expands Direct-to-Consumer Wine Sales Platform - (, a direct-to-consumer, online wine sales platform, has completed the next phase of expansion by enlarging its site with comprehensive information on over 1,000 wines, as well as the ability to purchase directly from member wineries; a new feature fully powered by its partner Inertia Beverage Group.
Business Wire - 6/24/08

Direct Shipping - The Last Frontier - Interview with Ted Jansen, CEO of Inertia and Wine & Spirits Daily.
Wine & Spirits Daily -6/20/08

The Latest Buzz on... E-commerce - It's finally getting easier to buy alcoholic beverages on the web. Though many states have lifted barriers to online wine sales, it has still been a headache to negotiate the complex rules for shipping booze across the state lines. Inertia Beverage Group, Napa, Calif., provides software to online wine sellers that ensures all state rules are met. Or it can assume the hassles itself, taking orders and handling shipments.
The Wall Street Journal - 06/09/08

Expedia Exec New CEO for Inertia - Ted Jansen will replace Paul Mabray as president and CEO of winery direct-sales software developer Inertia, it was announced today. Investor-backed Inertia provides Web-based technology to help wineries manage direct sales and marketing. The company was founded by Mr. Mabray, who remains as Inertia's chief strategy officer and board member.
North Bay Business Journal - 05/19/08

Compliance Tool - Napa-based Inertia Beverage Group announced today that it has made available an online winery tool free of charge to any winery, fulfillment house or compliance company. Access to Inertia's REthink Compliance tool does not require use or subscription to Inertia's direct shipping platform.
Napa Valley Register - 05/15/08

Inertia Announces New CEO - Ted Jansen is joining Inertia Beverage Group (IBG) as chief executive officer...Jansen most recently was senior vice president for product and retail with Expedia, Inc...
Wine Business Insider - 05/12/08

Inertia Makes Wine Shipping Compliance Service Free To All Wineries Inertia Beverage Group announced today that it has opened its REthink Compliance(TM) tool for use free of charge to any winery, fulfillment house or compliance company. 
Forbes Business Wire - 04/16/08

Focus on Client Acquisition with Paul Mabray -- We know that most of you agree that your company should be customer-focused. Have you analyzed your database to measure your customer-focused activities? Can you answer the questions you need to know...
WineMarketer Newsletter - 04/04/08

Wine and Marketing Professionals Gather for Newsletter -- Heavy hitters in the wine and marketing game come together in a new newsletter from Wine Marketer. - 03/28/08

Inertia Strengthens Efforts to Deliver on Demand Delivery Strategy -- Leading Wine Direct Sales Firm Takes Steps to Enhance Demand for Winery Clients Products -- Creating a Direct Sales platform which provides wineries with greater exposure and demand from a critical mass of qualified buyers has long been a strategic focus for Inertia Beverage Group.
Business Wire - 03/11/08

Inertia Provides Wine Shipping Compliance Solution to Clients Inertia Beverage Group announced that its new automated wine shipping compliance service, REthink Compliance, has been released for use by all...
Wine Business Insider - 03/11/08

Inertia Automates Wine Shipping Compliance Inertia Beverage Group, which sells the REthink Engine wine distribution platform, is releasing REthink Compliance, an online direct-to-consumer wine shipping compliance service for free use by all of its clients... - 03/10/08

Inertia Provides Shipping Compliance Solution to Clients Inertia Beverage Group announced today that its new automated wine shipping compliance service, REthink Compliance, has been released for use by all Inertia clients... - 03/04/08

Consumer Direct Sales Continue to Grow Direct sales are an emerging category as wineries look to bypass the restrictive, costly and time-intensive three-tier system and reach out directly to consumers. For many small wineries, tasting room and direct sales can account for the largest percentage of profits, ahead of traditional distribution channels. Still, unrest about the health of the economy has affected how (and how much) those sales are being made...
Wine Business Insider - 02/28/08

Inertia and Winery Clients See Impressive Growth in 2007 Inertia Beverage Group CEO Paul Mabray announced today that gross margin sales through its REthink Engine Direct Sales platform increased 111% in 2007...
Yahoo! Finance - 02/19/08

Inertia Beverage Group Appoints Veteran Direct Marketer: Kristi Taaffe to VP of Marketing.
Business Wire - 10/26/07

Are you selling 1,000 cases of wine thru e-Business? If not, it’s time to tune up your e-Commerce sales engine! You may be behind the times.
Scion Advisors - 10/19/07

IBG Opens Its Trade-Facing E-Commerce Channel to all Wineries
Realizing that the vast majority of wineries can't find traditional distribution help to get their wines in restaurants and retail shops across the country, Inertia Beverage Group announced today that it would open its revolutionary trade-focused e-commerce software platform to all wineries--including those not using the Inertia direct sales platform for their consumer e-commerce. - 09/19/07

Inertia Bev Group to Offer Free Compliance for Wineries
Inertia Beverage Group announced today its development of a new, comprehensive web-based compliance tool for the wine industry that will be offered to everyone without cost or fees. The burden of complying with different wine shipping ...
Wine Marketer - - 08/08/07

A talk with Paul Mabray and his compliance solution
WSD had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the CEO of Inertia Beverage Group, Paul Mabray, earlier this week, during which he gave us deeper insight into his company’s new Rethink Compliance tool. In a nutshell, the tool will be available to everyone in the wine industry without fees or costs, and will make it easy and affordable for wineries to get compliant with states laws when shipping directly. - 08/03/07

Napa company working to increase direct sales of wine
Even though direct sales of wine are still a relatively small part of total wine sales, selling directly to consumers is the fastest-growing segment of the market.
A speaker at a recent seminar said direct sales of wine increased by 31 percent in the first quarter of 2007, compared to the same period last year.
Paul Mabray, a Napa native who is CEO of Inertia Beverage Group, is doing his best to increase those numbers.
Napa Valley Register - 08/03/07

Software assists wineries REthink compliance
As more and more states adopt the permit system [rather than the reciprocal method] for state-to-state wine shipments, wineries are faced with an ever increasing complexity of rules, regulations and reporting requirements that could force smaller houses to completely abandon out-of-state shipments. To help remove this new barrier to shipment, the Inertia Beverage Group has spent approximately 5000 man-hours in development to create the industries first [and only] web based compliance tool called REthink Compliance. - 07/27/07
Inertia Beverage Group (IBG) announced the development of a FREE web-based compliance tool for the wine industry (click here to read the announcement in Forbes).

IBG's "Rethink Compliance Tool" will lower the barriers wineries face in shipping direct to consumers, mainly the time and expense required to comply with the rules and regulations in 50 different states. The tool will launch to the public at the end of Q3 2007. It is a web-based tool (of course) that promises greater access to wine for consumers and greater access to consumers for wineries. Way to go IBG! - 07/19/07

Automated 'direct' consumer sales tool to launch in US
A Napa company is set to launch an Internet-based system that can cut through the bureaucracy separating American producers and consumers. - 07/19/07

Building a Direct Sales Vehicle pt 2
We recently started a series on getting your online sales vehicle rolling. Today, we are going under the hood to talk about the e-commerce engine used to power your shopping cart. At Grape Thinking, we have an established relationship with Inertia Beverage Group, as Paul, Andrea, and crew, in our humble opinions, have the best grasp and influence on the changes in the industry and are truly “Powering the Wine Revolution”. As such, they rank as our recommended engine. 07/18/07

Breaking Down Barriers: IBG Introducing Free Winery Direct Compliance Tool
Inertia Beverage Group (IBG), a technology company that assists wineries selling direct to consumers, is poised to announce the launch of a free tool aimed at removing the burdens and complexities of direct shipping compliance.
IBG will be announcing the launch during the July 17, 2007 Wine Industry Technology Symposium in Napa, California.
Wine Business Insider - 07/17/07

Inertia Beverage Group to Offer No-Fee, No-Cost Compliance Service to Entire Wine Industry 
Inertia Beverage Group announced today its development of a new, comprehensive web-based compliance tool for the wine industry that will be offered to everyone without cost or fees. - 07/17/07

Inertia Beverage Group and Partner on Content and Access Deal
Inertia Beverage Group announced today a partnership with that will deliver more in-depth information to readership. Winery and wine information originating on IBG-partner wineries' websites will be fed into the site. In addition, IBG will help provide the technology that allows readers to instantly access winery mailing list and wine club sign-up pages. - July 16, 2007