In order to capture all off-premise sales, Inertia has incorporated phone order information capture tools for wineries to leverage with in or outbound customer inquiries and sales opportunities.  This allows wineries to capture even more off-premise consumer direct sales into a single database.  

Taking a call and scratching down contact information only to misplace it never to be seen again is a thing of the past with the effective Inertia developed tools for customer information management.

In addition, the extra value received in capturing this information in a single tool easily rewards the user with multi-channel customer relationship management capabilities while affording an understanding of the different channels total winery sales are derived from.  What is purchased from where and gleaning customer insight based on this information is vital for business intelligence and development. 

An example of the value of this in action might be to determine that phone sales orders skew higher towards white wines, while red wines sell online by a factor of 2-1.  This can lead a winery to making smarter decisions about promotional activity and merchandising based on empirical sales information.  But, if it's not captured, it can't be analyzed.