If you are not involved in direct consumer sales, now is the time to start. If you do engage in direct sales, you already know that selling wine online requires special attention and merchandising considerations.

Inertia's commerce engine is built with wines and wine accessories in mind. Your fully branded and integrated online store will let you control your message and brand identity consistently. The REthink Engine™'s sophisticated and integrated store software allows for you to manage your store quickly and easily. Add, remove, and organize products using product wizards. Cross-sell and up-sell products, just as you would in a tasting room.  Or, work aggressively to create seasonal specials or create access to your library wines for sale online.

In addition to accepting credit card orders online, the ability to handle volume discounts and promotional codes help you drive traffic and increase yield. In addition to controlling your brand, you also control shipping state validation, shipping rates, discounts, taxes and content. The REthink Engine™'s dynamic and comprehensive discounting system allows you to set any amount of discounts and promotional codes to encourage sales, measure advertising, and reward customers.

The result of our systems advanced capability is an easy shopping experience for the user, a consistent brand relationship, and reduced administrative costs from compliance issues, shipping problems and declined credit cards.