Winery Direct to Trade Sales

Inertia has leveraged our direct-to-consumer expertise to also streamline the complicated interchange between wineries, wholesalers and retailers across the country in a direct-to-trade selling paradigm.

Inertia Beverage Group's Direct-to-Trade program is dedicated to empowering winery direct trade sales development (sales fine dining restaurants and high-end bottle shop retailers).

The program allows our winery clients to sell direct to restaurants and retailers in the same way they sell direct to consumers: legally, in full compliance with state laws and profitably.  The program also allows retailers and restaurateurs to increase their productivity putting them in real-time communication with their suppliers, speeding up the pace of business.  Winery Direct-to-Trade sales offers the industry a fresh solution to the challenge of wine distribution.

For the first time, a retailer or restaurateur can place an order online for wine directly with the producer. Inertia provides the technological means, utilizing our REthink Engine™, for wineries to capture orders directly from retailers and restaurateurs on their web sites. Within the system we ensure that wine commerce occurs within the regulatory framework that exists for the sale of wine across individual states in the United States, streamlining the existing three-tier distribution system, compliance and sales process without a transfer of inventory while respecting all applicable laws and regulations, ensuring license verification and enhancing market efficiency.

For the first time ever, a winery can access sales opportunities in states and geographic markets that may have previously been shut-off to them based on market dynamics.

All wines in the program are generally small, artisan wines that do not have traditional distribution in the given state.

What the winery can anticipate receiving from our system:

  • Wineries benefit by gaining access to restaurants and retailers in states where they don't already have distribution or couldn't secure traditional distribution while retaining profit that can fuel their small business growth
  • Wholesalers benefit by making product available to their retail client base without an advance investment in expensive wine inventory
  • Retailers and Restaurants benefit by gaining convenient access to wines not normally available in a given market
  • Regulators and the individual state's benefit by receiving assurances that restaurants and retailers are properly licensed and all taxes on sales are paid.

Applying Groundbreaking Technology to a Traditional Sales System

Key to the new system is the establishment of "virtual inventory." When a restaurant or retailer places an order directly on a winery website, the order is immediately routed through a designated wholesaler (in most states) who accesses the wine from the "virtual inventory" of the winery and is automatically billed by the winery. The wholesaler pays all taxes on the transaction, bills the restaurant or retailer, and then sends payment to the winery. The entire transaction occurs instantly over the Internet. The winery then ships the wine to the retailer or restaurant consistent with their state or three tier system delivery requirements. From the wineries and restaurant/retailer's perspective it feels just like a direct sale.

At its core, the Direct-to-Trade program affords the creation of a more intimate connection between the producer, the retailer and restaurateur.

It's a new way of thinking about wine sales that takes account of not only existing market dynamics, but also 21st century technology.

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