Make It Your Brand

Every winery has its personality, its individuality. No one understands that more than our experienced design team whose past projects include companies such as Pepsi, Cingular, AOL, and Sony Walkman. And how we achieve the unity in branding is to get you involved in the design process. All projects begin with brain-storming and collection of your current branding material to make sure the website will "look and feel" the same as all of your existing collaterals.

We then put our experiences to work, customizing every design to perfectly represent the wineries. No cookie-cutter templates that make all the wineries look as one company. We deploy a full fledged design process to match the message and needs of your brand.

We also design branded HTML e-mail templates to guarantee your marketing efforts go seamlessly with the website and across all media.

Integration - Building The Bridges

Wouldn’t it be great if there were one place where you could manage every aspect of your on-line operations so you wouldn’t have to call ten different vendors for each of your on-line needs? The REthink Engine™ is your dream come true.

Integrating your club, commerce, content and marketing systems builds your business and reduces your costs. The REthink Engine™ does just that.

Here are some examples how the REthink Engine™ brings everything together:

  • Club members have easy access to club discounts, re-ordering, and membership information updates
  • Use the e-mail marketing tool to encourage regular customers to become club members
  • Look at the commerce sales histories and use them to target your e-mail blasts
  • View a phone-in customer's history across commerce and club sales so you can quickly make informed customer-care decisions
  • Aggregate your sales data to analyze store performance on store-wide, club, product, sku and customer levels


The REthink Engine™ does a lot more than the things we listed. It is simply powerful, informative, and yet easy to use.