Looking at customer relationship management (CRM) as three core components enables our customers to better understand the value of the full capabilities of the REThink Engine™

Operational CRM

Operational CRM provides support to "front office" business processes.  The retrieval of information on customers from the database is considered an operational component as is compliance management.

Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRM covers the direct interaction with customers. This can include a variety of channels, such as the Internet, email and the phone.

Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM analyzes customer data for a variety of business intelligence purposes

What good does capturing information do if you can't have it in a database for customer management?  And what good is a database for customer management if you can't use the information to work more effectively.  The REthink Engine™ is specifically designed to house your off premise sales in one database for increased customer insight, decreased administration, and more accurate compliance management.

The value in operational and collaborative customer relationship management becomes evident when a winery customer utilizes the analytical capabilities with customer data to execute tactics like:

  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Specific customer campaigns to accomplish customer acquisition, cross-selling, up-selling, retention
  • Analysis of customer behavior to complement decision making (pricing, new brand development, etc)
  • Management decisions (customer profitability analysis)