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FUD.  By most definitions FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.  FUD is the enemy of progress and some vendors are peddling FUD by pitching compliance management as a software service instead of what it is: a vendor offering.  What's worse is some in the industry have instituted a bottle tax for compliance management.  Who says you need an expensive software system to manage your compliance management?  All of our clients, and anyone interested in the Inertia e-commerce solution, have full access to the checks and balances needed to keep your winery compliance management shipshape.  These features all come standard with our REthink Engine™.  Ideally, to stay in full compliance, all off-premise transactions should be managed through the REthink Engine™ to ensure consistency across your sales channels.

Our tool provides the ability to set rules on an individual customer basis to manage volume-based compliance.

Established at the point of purchase, it is clear whether any given customer will or will not exceed their limitations.

The REthink Engine™ features a state based compliance tool.

The winery has the power to manage which states can and cannot receive their wine.  Every time a new state opens their doors to your wine, it's as easy as clicking a button to enable their shipping status.

Age declaration is a built in precaution that guarantees every new customer who creates an account on your site is required to specify a date of birth.

When a customer attempts to purchase a product that is specified as a wine product, the REThink Engine™ verifies that the customer has declared their age as being over 21.

We help to keep the power of compliance in the hands of the winery and mitigate FUD while preventing bottle tax payments to compliance software service providers.