Content Management

Remember the days when a simple change on a web site needed to go through a team of people-sometimes a designer, two art directors, three project managers all touched an enhancement before the change went back down the chain again.  When all was said and done, a "tweak" meant two weeks of time spent and an impressive invoice

The REthink Engine™'s easy-to-use content management tools allow anyone with basic word processing skills to instantly and easily change the content of your website. The way to keep your website fresh, interesting and up-to-date with events, news and promotions with your winery is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

Nearly every aspect of your website can be updated via our administration tools, from page content, recipes, news and events down to the automatic e-mails that are sent upon order confirmation alongside other customer interactions. You can also upload images and documents to include in individual pages.

Don't spend the money on an expensive agency that bills by the hour, or worse, by the project with gross margins built in to account for their perceived potential time overruns. Update your website at your convenience, not theirs, and without the cost.