You can create more sales, but you can't create more time.  And, while time is money, time is a currency that doesn't increase with additional effort.  Would you like to take back more of your time?  Our system for allocation gives our winery clients the luxury of significantly increased time savings over legacy methods of management.

We offer three key benefits for allocation management:

  • Eliminate manually processed "snail mail" forms and batch process orders in minutes, not days.
  • "Virtually" manage and adjust customer allocations in real time with customer access through your website.
  • Leverage integration with one of our preferred fulfillment partners and track shipments via each customer's personal account.


If you have managed allocations manually our allocation tool offers a compelling solution and an incredible time savings and we can manage the allocation process for any winery, regardless of size and exclusivity.

Additional benefits include:

  • Simply manage the sale of wine to segmented mailing lists for each offering season.
  • Capability to factor "time" into customer purchase behavior.  Time management conditions customers to move quickly to order their allocations due to scarcity of product while at the same time influence purchase behavior for future allotments.
  • Erase the need for physical mailings and cumbersome tracking tools; all allocation invitations can be sent electronically with time limits clearly stated.
  • Tailor the customer shopping "experience" to reflect the personality of the winery's identity and/or personality.
  • Provide a secure login process and an "additional requests" feature that allows customers to request wine above and beyond their allocation.


In addition, we interface the allocation system with a client's customer database in order to manage wine allocations by specific customer or sub-group.  Because of this integration-to-segmentation capability, the "offering season" for a winery will be much less involved in managing data while significantly cutting down on the administration time needed to process the orders.

Through our reporting tool, a winery can determine a strategy for allocation decision-making in future offering seasons.  The time savings is obviously the greatest advantage, since the tool organizes all data accurately for customer orders; however, quickly processing credit cards and integrating with a fulfillment house (like WTN) definitely runs a close second to the advantage we provide.  Because of the time saved, the allocation period is significantly shorter, which allows ample time for travel and leisure!

For more information on time saving and administration for allocation, please contact Mitch Schwartz at